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Η ανθρωπιστική κρίση στη Συρία και οι περιφερειακές της επιπτώσεις (eng)

Ομιλία στην εκδήλωση που διοργάνωσε η Ομάδα των S&D στο Ε.Κ. στις Βρυξέλλες με τίτλο «Η ανθρωπιστική κρίση στη Συρία και οι περιφερειακές της επιπτώσεις»

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear colleagues, dear friends,

Let me first welcome you all to this seminar organized by our group in this critical time for Syria. I would also like to welcome our special guests who came to present us the situation on the ground.

Last week as it was predictable the leaders of the G8 did not secure a compromise on the Syrian situation. The opposition of the Russian government to any sanction to the current Syrian regime has created an inability of the international community to take action. And while the big of the world are disagreeing the civilian population on the ground is suffering and pays the price of this game of power.

After more than two years of constant combats all the sanitary and health infrastructures are destroyed meaning that basic healthcare cannot be provided and access to clean water is not secured. Now with the heat reaching its peak in the region it is a real danger for people and especially the elderly and the children. The Syrian economy is in a state of collapse meaning that stores are closed and food is scarce. To this day the number of refugees is more than 1, 6 million people and this does not count the internally displaced people for whom we possess no information. The neighboring countries are overwhelmed by these numbers and cannot offer descent conditions to the refugees. The conditions of leaving on the refugee camps are disastrous and depending on the host country quite different. In Lebanon the condition for the refugees are much more difficult as there is no infrastructure to host them and they are on their own without any support. On top of that, there are not enough donors meaning that many organizations do not have the financial capabilities to help the Syrian people. The restrictions of the Damas government on aid convoy have made the situation even worse as the aid does not reach the people in the opposition controlled territories. Information on the situation on the ground is scarce and we have no way of knowing what is really happening that is why the presence of our guests here today is more than crucial for us. But not only, has your presence here today had also significance. You are the one who can direct the help more efficiently. You can tell us how we can practically help you. How can we make sure that the help that the EU has pledged will reach the Syrian population who needs it the most? That is also one the purpose of this seminar. It has become inacceptable to just wait and watch. I believe that the Syrian’s people patience has reached its limit. The international community needs to wake up and the EU must assume its role as well.

The solution of course would be to reach a political solution and for the violence to stop. Moreover, it is crucial that international humanitarian law is applied and that all parties respect the rights of the civilian populations are allow the help to reach them. The attacks on civilians and aid convoy are unacceptable and illegal and should be prevented with all means available. The international community needs t overcome this diplomatic impasse, it is a matter of life and death.

Finally, I would like to say that my thoughts are with Kifah Abou Deeb ho has been denied exit from Syria by the government because she came here, in the European Parliament and attested of the inhumane conditions in Syria. For her sake and all the Syrian population I hope for this bloody conflict to end.

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