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Αντίδραση της Ομάδας των S&D του Ε.Κ. στις προκλητικές δηλώσεις του Τούρκου Υπουργού Ευρωπαϊκών Υποθέσεων Εγκεμέν Μπαγκίς (eng)

In response to the statement from Turkish EU Minister Egemen Bagis (on Friday 14 June) accusing MEPs who took part in the emergency debate on the Turkish protests of «making disproportionate, unbalanced and irrational declarations and manipulating the European Parliament to this insanity» and that MEPs «will have a price to pay,» in a joint statement from the S&D Group, Maria Eleni Koppa, vice-chair of the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee and S&D Euro MP Richard Howitt said:

«It is disappointing that the Turkish politician with the greatest responsibility to lead his country towards the European Union has chosen to use words which can only make his and our task more difficult.
«We will be joining the cross-party delegation of MEPs in Ankara in the coming week, hoping that discussions with Mr Bagis and his colleagues can take place with courtesy and respect on both sides.

«Our concern about the Turkish authorities” reaction to the protests concerns their capacity to deal with democratically-expressed opinions, even if they disagree with them. In his statement, we are sorry that Mr Bagis seems to be contributing to the problem rather than the solution.»

A full copy of Mr Bagis” statement (quoted in unofficial translation above) can be found at:http://www.abgs.gov.tr/index.php?p=49004#.Ubny6iSmBb8.facebook


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